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Localize Your Android Apps


Thinking about localizing your android app, well it is without a doubt a great way to popularize your app. Localization is one of the fastest growing trends in the app world today.

Localization is a process to provide resources for your app in accordance with the language setting of the device. T

Tutorial: Creating Views 3 in Drupal 7


Views are certainly one of the most sort-out Drupal modules and it’s believed that they will form a core part in Drupal 8.

This is a tutorial that will help you understand Views and educate you on creation of listings of content using the module.

Some Lightweight and Responsive Front-End Frameworks


With fast processing websites in huge demand, developers have switched their preferences. From adding new functionality, to make their responsive frameworks lightweight while ensuring seamless and fast processing across all devices. Having a lightweight and responsive website is the need of the hour

Tutorial for New and Inexperienced Designers


With this article I will be addressing the woes of students who have recently graduated from design school, along with the ones who have read and learned the art of designing via online design blogs. In short, I will address the new, enthusiastic, but inexperienced designers. After learning you migh

Understanding the Difference between Native and Hybrid Mobile App Development


Today the mobile world is ruled by iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows operating systems. With a sharp rise in the usage of smartphones, the app market is bombarded with numerous apps, due to which mobile apps have become unavoidable and are no longer optional. The real reason for the app market b