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Database Versioning in PHP with DBV

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Use of version control system while programming software projects is a necessity these days. Be it a one-man army project or a project with a five member team, which requirements and scenarios changing every now and then maintaining previous versions does help. But, keeping database in version contr ...

5 Best PHP Frameworks for 2014

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Without having any doubt in mind, we can say that PHP is a widely used programming language, which has gained a lot of appreciation in just short frame of time. As per a latest survey, more than 244 million websites and 2.1 million web servers all across globe are running on PHP. It’s great and sh ...

5 Websites Every PHP Developer Must Be Aware About

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There are a zillion PHP developers on planet earth and there is another zillion who wish to be one. The PHP realm is full of opportunities, and everyone with a mind leaned towards software development wishes to take strides in this realm. If you are one of those who either happens to be a PHP dev ...