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Tutorial: Develop Offline HTML5 Apps Using AppCache

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AppCache or Application Cache is a technique that enables you to implement offline HTML5 web applications. Confused? Well you should be, because till date you have been learning that web pages are accessible only when the user is online. So, how is it possible to load pages offline? In reality we ...

Understanding HTTPS

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Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, also known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL enables secure communication over the internet. You know you are about to view a secure

Use of HTML5 Battery Status API

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If you’re lucky enough, you might get seven to eight hours of battery backup on your smart phones or tablets on a single charge of the battery while you’ll get about half of it on laptops. The battery technology hasn’t progressed as steeply as mobile technology. Earlier you could use the phone ...

HTML5 Canvas: Overview

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Canvas, it is the most important instrument in a painter’s toolkit. Painters feel free to express all their ideas, feelings, and so forth, in an unlimited variations and combinations. It’s quite similar in the web world. With the new methodologies and tools of HTML5 coming-forth, web develope ...