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What to Do With Facebook Graph API?

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Graph API enables you to upload photos, post new stories, retrieve posts, and perform variety of other tasks. Therefore, we can say that it is the premium way to get data in and out of Facebook’s social graph. Moreover, this low-level HTTP-based API enables you to query data. Facebook in Decemb ...

Free and Best Photoshop Extensions for Creative Minds

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Photoshop is an effective tool—capable of generating exquisite images, high quality sublime videos, and it can even produce very passable 3D renders. The highly creative tool is flooded with amazing features that offers a world of new possibilities—but from time to time it’s worth including so ...

The Rising Importance of Off-Page SEO

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SEO or the promotion of website usually refers to a specific set of steps and techniques, which are taken to achieve higher rankings in search engine page results. Without a doubt, it includes some variables and steps and most of the individuals assemble it as on-page and off-page SEO. At present, t ...

How To Rank A Keyword: A Simple Online Guide

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Optimization of website for search is important. Organic search engine results are a great destination to advertise to potential clients and pull the attention of new customers. Unfortunately, a lot of information is available over web about the ways to improve your site and build genuine links to i ...

Amazing Things That You Can Do With CSS

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In my previous post I highlighted how the two leading scripting languages CSS and JavaScript are interacting with each other. With this interaction it sometimes seems that these languages are overlapping each other. CSS is busy adding more functionality to overhaul JavaScript. In this post you will ...