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Why Twitter Bootstrap is useful ?



Twitter changed the whole world for the developers. It is no on more only a social networking tool but now developers can write deep and heavy codes to do anything what they want. The Bootstrap framework is not the latest innovation for the developers, but it is still recognized as a new tool to hit the design and development industry. It makes the creation of heavy duty websites and customized applications easier, faster and better in general.

If you’re still not using Twitter Bootstrap, you are missing something. You should feel the power and ability of it to believe. Bootstrap is like a ocean for developers full of fantastic tools.

Bootstrap ?? What is in it for me?



1. It saves time. and time is money!

The Bootstrap offers readymade codes from its libraries that can put your website to life. You as a developer, do not have to spend lot of time on writing code, all you have to do is to find the right code to fit in the part of website you are working on. That’s not all, as the CSS in-built,  the styling and design part would be taken care of by its own. Does it makes sense now that it saves time. Oh yeah, for sure.

2. Completely customizable

The best part of Bootstrap is you can do anything from scratch. You can start with the basic of framework and can choose what to keep and what to throw out. This is the best part as Bootstrap lets you deal in your own requirements and let you modify your development project accordingly. One of the main reason for developers to feel  that some tools are completely useless on the Bootstrap.

3. Frequent updates

Bootstrap is not like JQuery UI, giving out updates twice a year, rather the Bootstrap team starts working on the issue as soon as they get it from the user and keep updating the versions after fixing them, therefore you’ll see much more updates on a regular basis.

4. Easy integration

Bootstrap integration is really simple, quick and easy to complete and once it’s done you can toggle with your creative and design to make it better. If your website is already live, but still you are looking for the last hit on the iron, you can still integrate Bootstrap.

5. Is it Responsive?

Oh yeah, Bootstrap is fully responsive. You can work on Windows to Mac to iPad. Bootstrap works on all platform with the same speed and effectiveness and you even do not have to bother about your work with the change of platform, Bootstrap will adapt to it automatically.

6. Compatible with HTML5 and CSS3

It was the idea that BootStrap should be compatible with all new and upcoming technologies. It is not only limited to HTML5 and CSS3 which now are a part of present and not future, but Bootstrap is equipped with many more elements that are considered to be the future of design tools.

7. The Documentation

The documentation of Bootstrap is really impressive. This is one of the negative point of most of the new platforms that their documentation is not up to the mark. But with bootstrap, you do not have to work with each element to learn how it works and what does it do, the complete documentation is available for you to go through in which you can find anything and everything.

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