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Mistakes You Should Avoid As a Writer

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Often you would have observed that some sentences in the articles or blogs are not perfect. This leads to the question that is sacrificing perfect sentence structure the way to find your space in the writing field?   In the lure to write more creative article or blog that appeals to the t ...

Amazing CSS3 Transitions to Wow Your Users

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People familiar with CSS3 must be aware of the numerous options it presents to a web designer to show off his skills. One of the most amazing aspects about CSS3 is that it’s fairly simple to implement it. Just write a few lines of code and you will get amazing transition effect to wow your visitor ...

Localize Your Android Apps

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Thinking about localizing your android app, well it is without a doubt a great way to popularize your app. Localization is one of the fastest growing trends in the app world today. Localization is a process to provide resources for your app in accordance with the language setting of the device. T ...