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Some SEO Advantages Of Responsive Web Design

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The world is going mobile and a good number of on-the-go people now browse web over devices like tablets and smart phones. These sleek devices have become a popular way to access desired information anytime anywhere. According to tech experts, mobile devices will take over traditional desktops and laptops in the coming year.

Due to this, it has become important for entrepreneurs to create websites that can work suitably on all platforms. In early 2012, RWD or Responsive Web Design came into existence and has now become a central element of modern web design landscape. But, the question which pops up here is…Can a responsive design really improves the ratings of a website in SERPS? The answer is a “BIG YES”.

This piece of writing will shine a light on some of the important benefits of search engine optimization for responsive layout:

Google prefers responsive sites

You need to leave a good impression on Google in order to stay on top of SERPS. Google, the divine being for entrepreneurs simply loves responsive websites. As per Google, RWD is the right way to target potential mobile users. It is in raging demand as scores of users fetching needed information by using their smart phones or tablets at present.

Apart from this, separate mobile sites comes with specific URLs and different HTML but a responsive website makes use of only one URL and make it easier for search engines to crawl and index content.

It slows down high bounce rate

Your website is doing pretty good, but if it doesn’t work successfully on modern devices then it may face high bounce rate. The same issue can also crop up if the content offered on your mobile website is not similar like the one showcased on your desktop sites. High bouncer rate basically means that you are not providing appropriate content to end users and this eventually lead to poor website ranking.

A responsive website is the right tool through which you can combat high bounce rate by placing same content on mobile as well as desktops sites.

User experience is enhanced

In online world website are the mediums to share information in an effective way. If your website is simple and catchy then it can easily pass the required information to end users. On the top, a responsive layout lays emphasis on designing as per the convenience of users. And user experience matters a lot when it comes to the rankings of a website.

If visitors are looking any nugget of information through their smart phones or tablets, then they should be able to view the information easily akin to desktop users. So, if you carefully build a responsive site, then it will certainly showcase the content clearly on any size of screen

Let’s wind up this post now…

Responsive design is in huge demand and without adopting this, magnetizing the attention of potential visitors will be a hard nut to crack. So start walking on the path of responsive layout and grow your business leaps and bounds.

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