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Why PHP Is Favored For Developing Websites?

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PHP has often been dismissed as an unusable and badly designed language, but is still most favored language for developing websites. It has also reached an astonishing position in the field of app creation. Now instead of listing the various reasons as to why people do choose it over other languages, we will focus on why is should be chosen. However, we will first look at why it shouldn’t be chosen.

Why Avoid PHP?

While designing command line apps:

Even though there are various decent approaches while building command line app using PHP, but still it isn’t the right choice. PHP is a web development language, hence, it is mainly recommended to build the command line app using language that suit the need. This doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to build command line app with PHP, but it is definitely easier and quicker to do that in another language.

When it seems easy:

While searching for an easy language that will assist you in development, you will come across PHP. You will slowly start hating your choice, as PHP can get complicated very fast. In the beginning it does look easy, but when things get tough it gets as complicated as the other alternative languages.

Your shared hosting provider supports it:

If you feel delighted that your shared hosting provider makes use of PHP, then stop using it. Shared hosting should only be used for banalities like domain management, custom webmail, or very simple demos. You can always make use of virtual private servers for hosting. Moreover, there are various cloud hosting providers that offer pre-configured free tiers which you can use to host your website, but stay away from shared hosting provider while using PHP. Shared hosting affects bandwidth, which will in turn affect the performance of your website, hence, offering you a bad experience.

Intensive computation:

If your app mostly deals with heavy mathematical calculations and statistical computation, there are better options than PHP. Using PHP for such heavy calculations will require more efforts to get the desired result. Moreover, PHP is significantly slower in performing such tasks than other alternative languages which are specifically designed for them.

It’s simpler to write the conceptually heavier part of the application in a language that you’re already using. But, that is just a lazy attempt. The need to install a helper language or VM and built a part of the app as a separate application is often seen as a discomfort. However, doing this helps in the longer run, especially when the traffic on the website or app starts increasing. Due to this reason various well-known websites have implemented this approach.

PHP At A Glance

The main reason for PHP being considered better than other web development alternatives is that it offers easy maintenance and proper modification of the website. Problems that are listed above arise because of inadequate knowledge and experience of the developer. If someone uses PHP for such purposes, it is bound to tarnish PHP reputation. PHP gives best result when used in web oriented scenarios which require fast development as well as processing.

There are numerous books, articles and blogs available on the internet that can help a developer in solving their queries and learn the trade of PHP development rather quickly.

The Change:

PHP has matured significantly over the years. Various new features from other languages have been inherited into it to make it more developer-friendly. The biggest strength of PHP is it allows rapid prototyping of all types of applications and enables prompt implementation as well. It is fast and robust programming language that outperforms various other languages by a lot in the field of complex web apps. And with the addition of new features, its performance in the land of dynamic language is unchallenged. With social media giant like Facebook continue to directly work on PHP, its stature in the programming world has reached new level.


I believe PHP is an excellent choice for developing new projects regardless of the complexity it possess. For the past few years, it has been evolving at a rapid pace with the emergence of some new revolutionary features. PHP gives you the ability to hop on from idea, to prototype, to production in matter of few days and many languages can’t make that claim. I would suggest that PHP should be there in your toolbox so as to provide prompt designing solutions.

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