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5 Best PHP Frameworks for 2014

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Without having any doubt in mind, we can say that PHP is a widely used programming language, which has gained a lot of appreciation in just short frame of time. As per a latest survey, more than 244 million websites and 2.1 million web servers all across globe are running on PHP. It’s great and shows the popularity of PHP.

Before you take a deep dive into the enormous pool of PHP, you need to select the best framework in order to relish the magnetism of designing a marvelous application in a jiffy. Let’s start today’s post with a list of excellent PHP frameworks that will surely gel well with your needs:


A well-known PHP framework, Laravel is a great tool in the GitHub armory that gives an intrinsically promising base of well-tested trustworthy code construct on the top of many symphony elements.

Special features-

  • Inherent Database Version Control
  • Composer- an excellent tool that gives you the opportunity to handle your application’s third party packages
  • It is smartly designed to offer wonderful adaptability to developers and also assists them to craft each and everything in a perfect way.



A full stack web framework, Phalcon is written and applied as a C extension. The main aim of this PHP framework is to build and keep up highly configurable web applications.

Special Features-

  • Easy to use ORM
  • Learning curve is very simple
  • Spick and span intuitive API with powerful code written on solid design patterns



Symfony is dynamically used and hold third place in the list of best PHP frameworks for 2014. It ships with a strong ORM and outstanding documentation.

Special Features-

  • Entirely configurable with its “Event Dispatcher” and “Dependency Injector”
  • Gives you the freedom to craft and modify each and everything as per your requirements
  • Allow you to leverage the strength and power of development by allowing you to improve productivity and validating roles



Codeigniter is an easy to learn micro-framework, which comes with a big bunch of comprehensive documentation and flexibility that is simply matchless.

Special Features-

  • Comprehensive maintenance
  • Comes with zero configuration that make things a lot easier for you
  • Endows you with incredible control as compared to other frameworks of PHP like Yii



This is the framework that is loved by PHP developers and suits well with the needs of enterprise projects. Zend comes with exclusive features like robustness, scalability and adaptability.

Special Features-

  • Wonderful PHP unit testing tools and instant online debugging to help with codes
  • Instant Editable Table Viewer and Database Wizard for special connectivity of database
  • Zend offers excellent support on servers. Get everything as per your choice as there is no cloud lock-in


In Conclusion

While choosing a suitable PHP framework, it is essential for you to check every aspect deeply as a wrong decision can wreak havoc for your web application.

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