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Tips: Preventing 300ms Click Delay on Mobile Phones

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Do you know there is a 300ms delay between the tap on the screen of your touch-screen mobile phone and the appropriate execution of event? Well the delay is there, because you can even double tap the screen to zoom the page. Therefore, the browser waits for a third of a second to ensure there is no ...

An Easy Way to Name a CSS Class

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An experienced designer strives to find a perfect name for a CSS class. A name which is unique (so that it doesn’t conflicts with other names), easy to understand and most importantly easy to remember. Some might even Google for synonyms or image what the element would be like in real life. You mu ...

Why You Must Integrate UGC in Your SEO Strategy

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Fresh and engaging content is the essence of any successful website.  It sweeps off the feet of visitors, improve conversion rates, and bestow searchable stuff for search engines. The World Wide Web would grind to halt without a smooth flow of fresh content. But creating engaging content for users ...

White Space- It’s Importance in Web Designing

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Whitespace is an important key to a graceful design that’s simple to navigate for users. It makes a design simple, clean and easy to understand for users.  What exactly is white space or negative space? It basically refers to the empty space between different elements and structure a great ...