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5 Websites Every PHP Developer Must Be Aware About

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There are a zillion PHP developers on planet earth and there is another zillion who wish to be one. The PHP realm is full of opportunities, and everyone with a mind leaned towards software development wishes to take strides in this realm.

If you are one of those who either happens to be a PHP developer already, or the one who wishes to take that plunge, there are a number of websites that must be in your bookmarks, favorites or any other place you save the records of your most visited sites.

So, here is the collection of some such websites that assist in custom PHP development and thereby, are highly popular in the programming verse:



Is there a more popular website for developers, novice and experienced ones alike?  We wager not. Stackoverflow is THE destination for folks who seek and provide answers to a variety of topics – be it around PHP APIs or its overall code structure. This site gives you an access to several code segments that are scattered throughout its sitemap. When it comes to a specific programming language, it has its own categories and tags. You might find the answer to your question already posted multiple number of times on the site. And each answer is unique from the other, so you can choose what you deem suitable for your project. And even if you don’t find an answer already posted there, post it yourself and you will be barraged with answers instantly.



dzone makes it fun to code. It is a highly interactive place for developers who can create their personal blog space and post whatever they wish to regarding the technology. Advanced PHP developers can be found in abundance on this site.



leetcode covers all the languages at length and offers solutions to even the least frequently asked questions as well. Whether you are looking for PHP answers or answers for any other programming language, this is the place for you. Leetcode has gained an increasing relevance among job seekers who often surf this website to prepare for their interviews, as the structure of the site lets them get answer to the sort of questions they expect in the interviews. It also boasts of a feature where a piece of code written by you can be checked for correctness.

Practical PHP Programming


As the name suggests, Practical PHP Programming gives a detailed insight into PHP documents that are needed to use PHP APIs. The learners have found this website extremely useful for getting introduced to various aspects of PHP programming. Even the advanced PHP developers have plenty to take home from the site in the form of advanced PHP tutorials that help in better custom PHP development.



Github makes things all the more interesting for you, since it allows you to host your projects free of cost. There are no hidden costs you have to incur. More importantly, it has a huge collection of tools that make learning PHP libraries and frameworks a very fruitful exercise. The open source projects hosted on the site give you an insight into several complex topics such as the structure of Spring MVC framework. With a host of examples on the website, the learning process becomes quicker and richer.

PHP is a concept-heavy language that requires a great willingness to master it. The above list helps you take a big stride towards your endeavor. However, if you are a project manager who wants to glide over the elementary steps, hire PHP programmer and let him/her take care of the rest.

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